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Trimay® Advanced Wear Materials

An Edmonton based manufacturer of advanced wear materials that are designed to significantly increase wear life on equipment components for a wide range of industries, from mining and forestry/pulp and paper, to paving and dredging and everything in between.

These patented alloys (utilizing such materials as Chromium, Tungsten, and Advanced Alloy overlays) are engineered to provide exponential increases in wear life and significant reductions in repair and maintenance costs resulting in increased maintenance ROI.

Trimay® Advanced Wear Materials are supplied as Wear Plate, Wear Pipe, Elbows, Transitions and Bends.

Primary Territory: BC, YK, NT, NU, AK, AZ

Mining Applications

Open Pit Mining

  • drag lines
  • shovels
  •  haul trucks
  • dozers
  • graders
  • bucket wheels

Sizing & Classifying

  • crushers
  • hoppers
  • apron feeders
  • breakers
  • pumps & piping
  • surge bin

Tunneling & Conveying

  • elevator buckets
  • cutter face wear parts
  • loader buckets
  • slick line pipe


  • screens
  • pumps & piping

Other Applications

Forestry & Pulp and Paper

  • hog decks / hog grates
  • hog fuel delivery augers
  • jack loader floors
  • de-barker drums
  • flat back elbows
  • Oregon bends
  • ID fans and scroll liners
  • chip conveyor floors
  • chip loader bucket cutting edges
  • conveyor chain chutes
  • log grapple shoes

Cement / Concrete Plants

  • buckets
  • chutes
  • conveyors
  • deflectors
  • fan blades & housings
  • hoppers
  • pipe, elbows & transitions
  • screeds


  • excavators
  • loaders
  • graders
  • dozers
  • augers
  • teeth/cutting edges

...and many more.

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