Atlantic Gold Praises Modular Fabrication For Cost and Time Saving Efficiencies

In a recent article in CIM Magazine, Maryse Bélanger, COO of Atlantic Gold, praised Modular Fabrication for providing the Moose River Project with cost and time saving efficiencies.

The seven leach tanks were fabricated for Atlantic Gold by a company called Modular Fabrication in nearby Miramichi, New Brunswick. “Instead of taking three to four weeks to install them, it took about four or five days,” she said, “because it was all pre-fabricated and they just needed to be snapped on and filled.”

Modular used the same approach with the crushing circuit.

The same approach was used for the crushing circuit, which was designed by Metso but fabricated in Miramichi. This not only cut installation time down to a month but will also make it possible to move primary crushing equipment to the Beaver Dam site when Touquoy is depleted. The jaw crusher and grizzly feeder will be relocated to Beaver Dam; the ore will then be trucked 37 kilometres to the Touquoy mill for secondary crushing.

One thing to note…while the crushing equipment was Metso’s (and bought by Modular Fabrication), the rest of the crushing circuit―the structures, conveyors, stockpile building, etc.―were all designed, manufactured, and installed by Modular Fabrication.

You can read the complete article here.

In addition, a fantastic photo gallery of the project, showing much of the equipment Modular Fabrication provided, can be found on Atlantic Gold’s website, here.

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Specialists in Acid Plant Dampers? Damper Technology Ltd. (DTL)

DTL is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Acid Plant Dampers.  DTL’s range of specially engineered dampers for applications involving process gases containing SO2 / SO3 are generally designed for very high pressure / high temperature environments, (typically up to 0.75 barg and over 500 deg. C.). The dampers are also corrosion resistant with all wetted parts typically being made from 304H stainless steel. Zero leakage of process gas to atmosphere is ensured with special shaft seals and purged air. This technology helps to protect the environment and the safety of plant personnel.

Multiple repeat orders are testament to DTL’s expertise on these specialist products and their support for this market has been further strengthened by the opening of the DTL North American office.

They have recently fulfilled a further two large orders for their specialist dampers for sulphuric acid plants in the USA and Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabia project involved over 40 very large butterfly dampers (up to 3600mm ID) operating at very high pressures and to an extremely onerous specification,  with the USA project involving smaller butterfly dampers of similar specification.

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Modular Fabrication delivers the highest quality aggregate crushing, screening and material handling equipment available.

Modular Fabrication has the capability to completely design and manufacture any type of aggregate equipment in-house. Their plants are heavy duty and can be provided as portable or fixed design with the capability to operate 24/7. Typically Their equipment is custom designed to meet or exceed individual customer needs with production rates between 50 to 1500 MTPH.
They are proud to have some of the most dedicated and experienced people in their industry. Their people have over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of all types of crushing related plants. Custom designed plants to suit every application , aggregate and mining , is their strength. Modular’s crushing and related plants are characterized by high quality, compact and rugged designs with fast set-up and tear-down features. They also offer site assembly.
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Fuller Industrial is an industry leader in ceramic linings

Ceramic materials offer a number of benefits in a variety of applications. Maintaining a smooth surface ceramics provide higher wear, heat and corrosion resistance, as well as high tensile strength.

These materials also offer lower thermal expansion than metals or plastics, and longer part life at original design dimensions and tolerances.


  • Dry abrasion application
  • Large particle size in a slurry
  • High velocity slurry
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Various shape capabilities
  • Heat resistance

Alumina represents the most commonly used ceramic material in the industry. It provides superior abrasion, high temperature and chemical resistance, and is also an electrical insulator.
Ceramic has an excellent cost to part life performance record.
Effectively handles severe abrasion in elbows with tight radius, and other high wear areas.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know your pipe was going to fail before it failed? Now that’s possible.

Leak Prevention Ltd. has developed the world’s first pipeline monitoring system that will give you advanced notification of where a failure is likely to occur. Completely passive, always on, intrinsically safe, 100% coverage…and wireless. Truly ground breaking technology.

Whether monitoring your rubber lining, or the external coating, Leak Prevention has a solution. Learn more here.