Specialists in Acid Plant Dampers? Damper Technology Ltd. (DTL)

DTL is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Acid Plant Dampers.  DTL’s range of specially engineered dampers for applications involving process gases containing SO2 / SO3 are generally designed for very high pressure / high temperature environments, (typically up to 0.75 barg and over 500 deg. C.). The dampers are also corrosion resistant with all wetted parts typically being made from 304H stainless steel. Zero leakage of process gas to atmosphere is ensured with special shaft seals and purged air. This technology helps to protect the environment and the safety of plant personnel.

Multiple repeat orders are testament to DTL’s expertise on these specialist products and their support for this market has been further strengthened by the opening of the DTL North American office.

They have recently fulfilled a further two large orders for their specialist dampers for sulphuric acid plants in the USA and Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabia project involved over 40 very large butterfly dampers (up to 3600mm ID) operating at very high pressures and to an extremely onerous specification,  with the USA project involving smaller butterfly dampers of similar specification.

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