On Spec. On Time.

Headquartered in Sudbury, ON, with locations in Nisku, AB and Richmond, BC, ACR Fuller Group is North America's largest capacity rubber liner.

ACR Fuller Group Products & Services

    Pipe Spool Fabrication

    • Fuller’s piping fabrication plant is the most technologically advanced in North America. CNC pipe profiling, butt- and fillet-welding stations, coupled with our front-end Project Data Integration Software (PDIS) ensures 100% x-ray quality welding with 100% repeatability and without variability—all the time and every time.We compliment this with industry-best fitters, welders, pipe fabricators and inspectors while maintaining a culture of respect for people and continuous improvement.

      All spools start with a unique serial number. This ensures that all drawings, material, man-hours and processes are tracked and maintained for the customer.

      Fuller’s method is designed to provide industry-best quality, traceability, transparency and speed of processing.

Abrasion & Corrosion Control

    • Rubber Lining
      • Whether it’s in the plant or in the field, Fuller has the largest capacity and the best practices. Our plants have some of the biggest rubber lining equipment in the world, including an 11’ x 55’ (3.35 X 16.76 m) autoclave. We offer both dry and steam curing methods.Fuller is the highest capacity liner in North America, with our capacity exceeding one full flat-deck truck of rubber-lined material per day.

        Our field lining and plant lining crews have over 20 years experience and are approved applicators for some of the world’s most challenging customers across many industries. Please call for a list of references.

    • Ceramic Lining
    • Chromium carbide overlay
    • Urethane lining and products
    • Hardened plate

    Engineered Piping Systems

    • Budget Pricing
      Fuller maintains a database of budget pricing for carbon steel based piping systems, corrosion and abrasion resistant linings and fabrications costs. Please contact our Technical Sales Department for our most recent copy.
    • Specification Development and Review
      Fuller’s years of deep and intimate knowledge of supplying rubber lined piping systems gives us a unique ability to review or develop customer carbon steel rubber lining specifications to provide the safest, lowest installed cost of rubber lined systems.
    • Line class reviews
      Rubber grade and thickness review
      Fabrication design criteria for rubber lined systems
      Spool end terminations
    • Detailed Engineering
      Fuller provides engineering support on many levels from specification review to detailed spool drawing capability.
    • From your model data
      Fuller’s software, SmartPlant, allows us to make detailed spool drawings from your piping model data.

      SmartPlant Spoolgen is fast and accurate because it eliminates the need to redraw isometrics and manually re-create material take off reports. SmartPlant Spoolgen can work with data from almost any plant design system – Intergraph® SmartPlant 3D, PDS®, and CADWorx®; AVEVA PDMS; and Bentley AutoPLANT and PlantSpace are all supported.

    • From our isometric drawings
      From your 2D information, Fuller can produce Isometric drawings for your use or to be further processed into detailed Bill Of Materials and detailed shop drawings.

Field Tank Lining & Coating

    • Our field tank lining and tank coating crews have over 20 years experience and have successfully handled the world’s most demanding challenges and customers. With a large pool of qualified liners and project managers to draw from, Fuller is equipped to handle all the logistics and execution of virtually any sized field coating or field lining application.

If you would like more detailed information, or need a quote, please contact us.