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Multilouver Dampers

DTL Multilouvre/louver dampers are used in a variety of industries and applications including Fossil Fuelled Power Generation, Tunnel Ventilation, Gas Turbine / HRSG and Gas Cleaning Plants.

Temperatures can be accommodated from -55 Deg C to in excess of 600 Deg C. Pressure ratings can be in excess of 1500mm WG.

Multilouvre dampers can be supplied in various sizes from approx 1 square metre upto approx 60 square metres and will form an effective method of controlling and isolating most duct media.

Dampers for Gas Cleaning systems can be manufactured in a range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steels and exotic alloys such as C276.

As an alternative to a flap diverter, multilouvre dampers can be built into a T-Duct section and linked to provide an effective inlet/bypass solution. These can be incorporated with a guillotine to provide a fully integrated inlet/bypass/isolation solution. Seal air systems can be added to provide 100% sealing efficiency.

Various sealing arrangements can be incorporated, from simple metal/metal ledge seals to full twin flexible Inconel seals. 

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