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Flap Diverters and Multilouvre Diverters (T-Ducts) allow the user to control the flow of air or gas to the process and/or bypass. Each unit is custom designed to suit the exact operational requirements in accordance with the relevant specifications.

DTL Flap Diverters have been developed over a number of years using Finite Element Analysis to ensure that the thermal and mechanical stresses are evenly distributed throughout the unit. The same degree of quality engineering has been applied to the tube design, shafts and actuation systems.

As an alternative to a flap diverter, multilouvre dampers can be built into a T-Duct section and linked to provide an extremely cost effective inlet / bypass solution. All our diverter options can be incorporated with a guillotine to provide a fully integrated inlet/bypass/isolation solution. Seal air systems can be added to provide 100% sealing efficiency.

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