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Acid Plant Dampers

DTL Specialize in Dampers for Sulphuric Acid Plant Applications

These range of dampers are specially engineered for applications involving process gases containing SO2 / SO3 which are butterfly or louvre dampers designed to suit any duct size(typically Ø300mm – Ø3000mm). With SS304H construction they are resistant to corrosion, high temperature (up to 800 Deg C), and creep.

The acid plant dampers have as standard a rigid ledge seal for 99% shutoff and are PED Compliant (as appropriate) for high pressure applications.  They have various automation options to suit any process application.

Special shaft seals with purged lantern ring and labyrinth arrangement are used for ZERO LEAKAGE of process gas to the atmosphere. This technology helps to protect the environment and the safety of plant personnel.  DTL have installed these dampers in acid plants in the UK, India, Canada, Jordan and Kazakhstan.

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