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Environmentally Friendly Deicer

Chemfax is a Calgary based manufacturer of environmentally friendly deicing products for conveyor belts, walkways, driveways and roads.

Our Territory: BC

Belt Melt (20L Pails, 205L Drums, 1000L Totes, Bulk Deliveries)

  • Specifically designed for conveyor systems
  • Effective to -45⁰C
  • Melts buildup, and temporarily discourages its return
  • Ingredients will not contaminate transported material

Liquid Fire (20L Pails, 205L Drums, 1000L Totes, Bulk Deliveries)

  • Effective to -50⁰C
  • Produces heat on contact with ice
  • Can be used to pre-treat surfaces
  • Can be used on belts as well
  • Can be used as dust control in piles or on roads.

X22 (20kg pails, 181.8kg drums)

  • Effective to -50⁰C
  • Produces an exothermic reaction to burrow straight through ice. The resulting brine melts ice from the bottom up
  • Can remain effective for up to 24 hours when solid, or even once liquified.
  • Can be laid prior to snowfall to prevent build up
  • CFIA approved for use in food processing facilities
  • Will not subtract from points when used according to LEED® Reference Guide

Spit Fire (20kg pails; 20kg bags sold only in pallet quantity of 50’s)

  • Most economical product
  • Effective to -36⁰C
  • Blue/Green Marker dye – UV reactive; will fade in sunlight

Enviro Melt (20kg pails)

  • 100% biodegradable as opposed to “environmentally friendly” (our other products don’t biodegrade, they just dissociate into ions which do not negatively impact the environment)
  • Effective to -36⁰C
  • Blue/Green Marker Dye – UV reactive

Stop using salt...or worse!

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