AME Roundup

Are you going to #AMERoundup next week? We’re going to head down on Tuesday to see what’s going on in the exhibit hall, and attend BC Night.  Let us know if you want to meet up to discuss any of the products we represent, and learn how we can save your project, or operation, significant $’s.

Blogging… again.

We’ve decided to reboot our blog. Be sure to watch this space for future updates on our partners, their products, new partners and products, as well as interesting industry information and news… and anything else we think might deserve to be here 😉


Wouldn’t it be nice to know your pipe was going to fail before it failed? Now that’s possible.

Leak Prevention Ltd. has developed the world’s first pipeline monitoring system that will give you advanced notification of where a failure is likely to occur. Completely passive, always on, intrinsically safe, 100% coverage…and wireless. Truly ground breaking technology.

Whether monitoring your rubber lining, or the external coating, Leak Prevention has a solution. Learn more here.